にほんご練習帳 助詞


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It is necessary to be able to use the correct Particles in order to speak and write Japanese naturally. This book has many rules that native speakers use instinctively. Even the same Particle can have different meanings according to the context, place, or feeling. They also serve a function to indicate what is “not said” and what is “not written.” Without understanding Particles it is impossible to fully understand a conversation. Please practice using this book until you know instinctively “in this case, this is the Particle to use.”


This book is recommended for beginners to highly advanced level students
*For beginners who do not understand the correct usage of Particles.
*For students who have mid level and above Japanese ability but never seem to be
able to use Particles correctly.
*For students with advanced or higher Japanese language abilities but who want to review “natural Particle usage.”
*For students who are confident about other aspects of Japanese grammar but have no confidence regarding Particle usage.
*And for students who want to study how to use natural Japanese without causing misunderstandings by truly understanding the differences in nuance in Particles.

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STEP1 助詞の使い方
STEP2 どう違う?
STEP3 間違えやすい表示
STEP4 助詞の重ね方

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