Find out your weak points! Japanese Proficiency Mock Test

日本語テスト研究会 著

This book is for people who want to pass the Japanese Proficiency Test.
● This book includes two tests following the same pattern as of the real proficiency test, N2.
● You will find out your weak areas from the result of each test and also become familiar with the patterns of the Test.
● You will be guided as to how you can strengthen your weak areas.
● With the help of attached translations for difficult explanations in English, Chinese, and Korean, you can study by yourself.

These mock tests
● can be highly trusted because they were made after repetitive researches and analyses.
● The scoring system is the same as of the real Test, so higher points are allotted for difficult questions.
● You can answer questions while checking the length of time given.


N1 N2


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