In this textbook series (3 Books 90 Lessons) there are all articles of study include for the Japanese beginner. One lesson is comprised of 5 parts.


New words are shown in the form of pictures in order for immediate and easy recognition of their meanings. Please look up the translations of words that are still too difficult to understand, despite the pictures and letters, in the separate book titled "English Manual."


The conversations are based on many daily scenes. Listen to the many useful conversational phrases on the CD and practice until you can say them smoothly.


We will cover the main points of grammar in this part. It is important in the study of Japanese grammar to understand and remember the sentence structure.


This is a basic practice of the grammar. The solutions are in the back of the textbook in order to check your answers.


This part is to help you understand how to apply the sentence pattern and to practice it so that you can use it in real situations. You should practice until you can say the sentences easily.



90 Days of Japanese Language
English Manual
Chinese Manual
Korean Manua



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